Friday, 19 August 2011

First thoughts

11:05 and the event just started

The theme is ESCAPE

I can use the idea I had for adaptation.

You are a genetically bread animal trapped in an undersea research facility.  You have three forms: Cat for speed and agility, racoon for vision and dexterity, and dog shark for swimming.  You have to escape the facility before it is too late.

I could use the self replicating robot one.  A robot wakes up and has to build another robot.  Not much escape there.

I could vary it to escapism and use my "Weekend at a Gaming/Anime Con"  But that would be stretching it.

I wish I could use the kitty concer the neighbourhood thing.  Sigh  I'll have to save that for another day.


CRS Escape game
- map of complex
- basic plot
  - challenges
  - "random" events
- method in ren'py to time events
- art work
  - current mode
  - control panels
  - various rooms

I'm going to tackle the hard part of the event timer first, then dream about the story line.


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