Sunday, 19 August 2012

The horns of a trilemma

I am taking a writing course (Which I am going to use to write a visual novel.)

One exercise is to create three "Sentences" - the "Sentence" being like an elevator pitch for the novel.

Here are mine:

  • An eager, helpful teen is given the power to change the world with the help of a magic love journal.
  • A military cadet recovering from a head injury investigates a series mysterious attacks on campus while being plagued with strange dreams.
  • A shy reclusive teen must overcome her own fears and anxieties to find her runaway friend.
Which one should I develop into a visual novel?


  1. I like 2 and 3...number 1 sounds kind of vague to me so I can't tell if it's intriguing.

    What happened to the camp game? I was looking forward to that. :-/

    1. For the writing class I have to write something new. Camp Renard is partially written already.

      I'm leaning towards two.

      Story one is a very fluffy wish fulfillment story. Think Midsummer's Night Dream with people falling in love with each other. The tag line for it is "Sometimes people are in love with the wrong person."