Saturday, 22 December 2012

I am announcing this out loud

I am going to take part in the "One Game a Month" Challenge.  Details here:

For my purposes, I am going to define "releasing a game" as
- a rough version of a game created from scratch
- a polished version of a previously released game
- a complete path in a partially completed game

My calendar of games:

Kitten Crusade
New GUI designed by Graph
Tighten up the story
Add some more plots

Villain of Villeins 
Turn Based Web game involving poor peasant farmers and tax collectors

A new game from scratch
Something Fairytale-ish

Ludum Dare
48 hour Challenge

Christian HO game
A hidden object game with Christian theme based on 24 hour comic I drew

Camp Renard
Finish coding for Dale's path
Add James' path


Ludum Dare
48 Hour Challenge




Ludum Dare
48 Hour Challenge

Stuff I could work on:

You Don't Need to be Alone: Rewrite story completely, fix GUI, rename it to something sensible
The House that Bled Paint: Edit the story, fix the logic, split story in two
All Are Invited: Lots of editing, fix JavaScript bugs, finish the story
CRS Escape IF version:  Making a parser text version for no other reason except I can
Tiny World: Multi User version, framing story, new card types
Dot-to-Dot: I have a game mechanic, just need a game to go with it
Make a Game with Me: Make a game and blog all the steps I took to make it; encouraging other people to join in.  I might do this during NaNoRenO

Or any of my other games I've worked on.

My hope is that by concentrating on one game a month, I might actually make progress rather than be distracted/depressed by all my other unfinished games.


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